Big decisions

I’ve had more than my share of bad luck with cars.

Ok, some of it was due to my lack of restraint in buying vehicles that were wholly unsuitable, but VERY CUTE!

Nevertheless, I’ve had a bad run with cars. I figured that I needed something reliable but with a lower impact on the planet. So I have spent the last 3 months researching and obsessing over the search for the perfect vehicle.

That perfect vehicle is not only non existent, but it also would be so out of my price range it’s not even worth dreaming about!

My options were…..AN ELECTRIC CAR


  • Cheap to run
  • Look super cool
  • They have amazing gadgets in them
  • Make an awesome quiet hummy noise whilst driving
  • Feel better that I’m not using fossil fuels to get about
  • No congestion charges


  • Very expensive to buy
  • I live in a terrace with no garage, no drive….where do I put a car charger??
  • There’s very few charging points in our area, within the areas I’d be driving, therefore very few opportunities to charge up!
  • I’m not comfortable with the minerals being mined to produce car batteries. They are not a finite source and the mines are often linked to child labour and crime rings.
  • Batteries are rarely able to be disposed of in any way that is kind to the planet.

So that’s electric cars out of the picture!



  • Same as above, except the congestion charges and cool noise
  • Mostly cheaper than pure electric vehicles
  • There’s a wider range of them


  • Still very expensive
  • Still relying on batteries to store energy
  • No standard system…most manufacturers have their own type of hybrid system
  • Plug in hybrids still rely on a plug in electric source which I don’t have
  • I’d still be using petrol, albeit less

So not much better really!

After a great deal of soul searching a research, there wasn’t a way that I could afford (financially or ethically) to buy either an electric car or a hybrid car. This obviously limited my choices, to public transport, walking or cycling.

It’s not news that our public transport system is poor at best in the UK, especially in rural areas like ours. It’s expensive and time consuming. Our rail system is ridiculously priced and few towns still have a train station anyway so it’s not very practical either unless you work/live in a city or larger town.

Our buses are slightly better and we do have a new bookable bus service in Teeside called ‘Teesflex’ which is definitely worth investigating! I’ve got to go to the Kirkleatham museum this week so I’ll give the Teesflex service a look and let you know how I get on.

Walking isn’t an option, we are too rural and I don’t have the time for that. Not to mention how dangerous that would be with a lack of safe walkways between villages and towns here.

So cycling……..maybe that’s the answer!? I’ll do some more research!

My last drive in the yellow peril 💚

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