Tracy Reeve, Managing director

Edith Reeve

Managing Director

Tracy created The Cut Back after being made redundant as the pandemic hit.

Her favourite thing to do is wild swimming in Scottish loch’s.

Her favourite meal is vegan spaghetti bolognaise or vegan curry with all the sides!

Tracy’s favourite eco swap is Marseille soap, it can be used for washing your face, clothes, dishes or even your dog!

Tracy also goes under the pseudonym of September made, her mixed media art work and brooches made from reclaimed materials are on sale in The Cut Back.

Sadie Rogers

Shop Elf

Sadie has been The Cut Back’s trusty shop assistant since August 2021.

Her favourite thing to do is to buy stuff from charity shops, that no one in their right mind would want, and to write music.

Her favourite meal is a Thai red curry.

Sadie’s eco swap fav is our reusable make up remover pads. Saving you money and kinder to your skin too!

Miki Rogers


Her favourite thing to do is to spend time with her grown up children and to sing Beyoncé songs with them…LOUDLY!

Her favourite meal is Vegan sausage and mash.

Miki’s favourite eco swap is our washable sanitary pads for those inevitable menopausal sneeze leaks!

Miki is also the very clever lady behind Whole lot of Rosie, and is also a very talented illustrator, she created these portraits of us all!

Lynn Jefferson


Her favourite thing to do is skip diving!

Her favourite meal is Meatballs and pasta.

Lynn’s favourite eco tip is to “Peg out your bloody washing! Don’t use a tumble dryer!”

Lynn is mum to 3 mad, beautiful pugs and a stunning rocket of fluff, qweeen that is Freida, a tea cup chihuahua. She is also one of the absolute angels behind the wonderful Solidarity food bank, that helps countless people in need in our town.