Edith Reeve Managing Director

Is a wild swimmer, paddle-boarder & occasional surfer who loves cats, cooking, reading, foraging, film & photography, making things & being outdoors as much as possible. Her favourite movies are ‘You’ve got mail’ and ‘wild’ and if given the chance of any superpower she would be mind control, to help people to see through manipulative marketing and political propaganda.

Edith’s favourite eco tip is to buy only what you need, buy well and buy once.

Nancy Summers, Non executive director

Loves a box set binge, reading books, eating out, spending time with friends and family and swimming. Her favourite movies are ‘Pretty woman’ and ‘Bridesmaids’ and if she had a choice of superpowers she would read peoples minds!

Nancys best eco tip is to recycle everything that you can and reuse everything that you can.

Katie Flynn, Non Executive Director

Loves rock climbing, yoga, reading sci fi & fantasy books and obsessing over her greyhound. Her favourite movie is Jurassic park and if she could have any superpower she would have teleportation so she could cut down on her carbon emissions and ditch her car.

Her favourite eco tip is to look after your plants by using left over coffee grounds as fertiliser. You can also use waste water from your fish tank which is full of nutrients!

Kirstin Higgins volunteer

Enjoys walking, nature, singing and watching movies. Her favourite film is ‘The heat’ and if she could have any super power at all, she would be a shapeshifter. Then she would attend all the climate summits as world leaders! 💚

Kirstin’s best eco tip is to always plan your meals ahead and write a shopping list. It reduces food waste.

Frin Clark volunteer

Is a massive horror fan, loves the supernatural, making things and foraging. Her favourite move is ‘The Lost Boys’. She would love to be able to teleport if she had any super power for pain free and eco friendly travel!

Frin’s favourite eco tip is to reuse and repurpose everything!

Jemima Stubbs Volunteer

Is a keen surfer, loves wildlife watching & playing with a camera. Given a chance to have any super power she would have the ability to morph into any wild animal that she wanted. Her favourite movie is Jurassic park.

Jemima’s favourite eco tip is to (almost) always buy second hand! Use clothes swaps/charity shops/ community ponging!

Melissa Macdonald Volunteer

Loves hiking, reading books and doing crafts. Her favourite movies are ‘You’ve got mail’ and ‘Lord of the rings’. She would also love to have the power of teleportation if she could have any super power so she could have eco friendy travel anywhere in the world!

Melissa’s best eco tip is to upcycle and reuse what you already have- summer scarves make great gift wrapping material!